As one of the most heavily used rooms within a home, the bathroom is often the one that tends to need the most maintenance. However, it is often very difficult to know when they need work done. Your tub and sink are included in this issue. Making sure to repair any issues with these two things is vital to detouring high-cost maintenance in the future. The following list details four signs that your tub or sink may need some work done.


There are a variety of reasons why your tub and or sink become decolorize overtime. Hard water, rust, and grime all are directly connected to this issue. Understandably, people want to remove these stains from their bathroom; after all, they really give that unclean look to it. There are plenty of options out there to remove these stains, rust and other grime from your tub or sink. One of these includes simply scrubbing the troubled areas with baking soda paste type or vinegar. Both of these chemicals do wonders for removing those hard to remove stains.

Cracks and Chips

One of the most obvious signs that a tub or sink needs some work is the presence of cracks or chips around them. Now, just because they have been broken from excessive use does not mean you should throw them away and replace them with a new one. However, it is still vital to make sure to repair this as soon as possible. Chips in porcelain can be as sharp as glass, and if you slip in the shower and come in contact with this chip on the way down, you can end up with a nasty laceration. In some cases, lacerations can result in serious and disfiguring scars.

Slow Draining Water

There are a variety of reasons why your water is draining slowly. One can be that you simply dropped in a little too much soap down the drain or hair is slowing down the flow. Other more serious issues can be the piping itself—the P-trap to be more exact. Therefore, if you are thinking of replacing an old tub or sink because of slow draining water, then these should be your first options to look into before spending thousands of dollars in repairs.

Cleaning Becomes Harder

A clear sign that your tub or sink could use some work is in the constant difficulty of cleaning them. If you’re having to scrub and scrub for hours at a time without visible improvement, then you might need to hire a professional crew to perform a deep-cleaning service on both the tub and sink. There are various chemicals at your local hardware store, but these often leave you at the risk of damaging your surface and piping.

Seeing your incredible bathroom look dirty and not functioning properly can be very frustrating. Simply adhere to the list above the next time you see your bathroom. Understand if an issue is a quick fix or something that might need professional work. Either way, making sure that your sink and tub are up to your standards of quality is crucial to truly make your house feel like a home.

If your bathtub looks a little worse for wear, let us know and we can refinish it for you!