Turn Old Tubs New, Bathtub Refinishing Remodel in Less Than Two Days!™

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Turn Old Tubs New, Bathtub Refinishing Remodel in Less Than Two Days!™


Tri-Cities, TN Bathtub Reglazing Before and After Pictures & Bathroom Remodel Picture Gallery

Need inspiration for your surface refinishing project? Check out our bathtub reglazing before and after pictures in Tri-Cities, TN. Call Miraculous Makeovers today at (423) 612-4174 and let us help with your next kitchen or bath update. Click here to take advantage of our online specials page!


Ugly Pink to Good-Looking in Less Than 2 Days!

From an outdated pink to a porcelain gray made this bathroom feel spacious, and tile refinishing by Miraculous Makeovers allows you to enjoy comfortable showering. Permanently sealed grout lines protect from mildew growth. The shower stall is waterproof, glossy and smooth to the touch, consisting of 2 applications of our German Aerospace adhesion promoter, 2 layers of polyester bonding primer and 4 coats of hydrophobic polyester topcoat. Gray is optional many colors are available in our high-performance refinishing system.


A Rough Surface Turned Clean, Elegant, and Fresh

Bathtub refinishing lets you enjoy a like-new remodel without the headache of demolition, soak and relax in a newly refinished tub without breaking the bank. Miraculous Makeovers products give an appearance that you cant tell from new, professionally refinished detail rich with porcelain characteristics. Our advanced polyester coatings are easy to clean, with a high-gloss finish. 


Outdated Swirls to A Stone-Look in One Day!

Breathtaking stone finishes meet the more than a decade of experience of Miraculous Makeovers. In the process of refinishing, nothing was overlooked from the beautiful birch bark stone finish to the AMAZING pure white base coat. Many colors are available to help create your look. This birch bark vanity top was refinished to bring rich detail to an outdated bathroom in Bristol, TN. Complete your bathroom remodel with our vanity top refinishing services.


This Awful Color Transformed Into Something Beautiful 

Surround yourself with happiness and comfort in a new refinished one-piece tub. With its gracefully shaped lines, this once ugly bath was brought back to life and ready to compete with any modern-day bathroom style. Our demolition-free remodeling process will save you thousands without the mess of replacement!


Old Farm House Sink Brought Back to Life!

After refinishing, this sink is ideal for vintage or modern-day bathroom styles. The newly refinished surface allows easy cleaning as well as gives your outdated kitchen a brand new look.


Highlight The Beauty Of This Newly Refinished Tub

The perfect cast iron tub design! Curvy edges and beautiful lines give this unique tub its mass appeal. Plenty of leg room and with our high-performance coatings and the right maintenance it can last you a lifetime.


Tub Cut Out for Elderly

Our safeway step bathtub cut out conversion allows you to easily turn your existing tub into a walk-in shower. It’s designed to fit your budget without spending thousands on a traditional remodel. Along with our easy access accessories and grab bar installation we can help you age in place and live your best life.


Fix Small Damage Without Replacing or Resurfacing Your Entire Bathtub 

There is no need to replace or refinish your entire bathtub just because of chips and cracks. Miraculous Makeovers will spot repair the damaged area of your tub, then blend it to match the rest of your bathtub. Our fiberglass bathtub repair service will make it look like it has never been touched.


Permanently Repair Your Bathtub and Shower Floor

This professional inlay installation permanently repaired cracks and extended the life of the showers at a student housing apartment complex, improved slip resistance, our structural support injection increased strength and we reduced replacement cost by 85%-90%.


Old Coating Removal Offers Excellent Adhesion that Makes the New Finish Adhere Directly to the Surface

Easy to clean, look and feel of real porcelain, and long-lasting performance, now this beautifully refinished bathtub that was once refinished with low-quality acrylic urethane coatings has outstanding shine and function. An etching process provides scratches for the coatings to grab onto, and our German Aerospace adhesion promoter bonds to the surface and crosslinks directly to our polyester primer. Our polyester topcoat ensures durability and aesthetics.


Fiberglass Shower Refinishing is the Perfect Complement to your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Fiberglass shower refinishing by Miraculous Makeovers creates a hard, smooth surface with a like-new shine. Our process is easy for personalization, fiberglass shower refinishing is available in a full range of solid colors and stone finishes, so you can choose the ideal color for your project. Our Miraculous Makeovers refinishing system offers superior performance that will transform your shower space without demolition or removal.


No Exposed Grout Lines for Easy Cleaning and Mold Growth Prohibiting

Full bathroom refinishing by Miraculous Makeovers delivers an easy way to remodel with best-in-class aesthetics, durability, and feel. Our proprietary coatings seal the grout lines and creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels water, soap scum, and residue for easy cleaning and allowing our system to last 10 times longer than the typical acrylic urethane coatings being used by other bathtub refinishing companies.


Money-Saving Service that Reduces DIY Failures

Take the guesswork out of refinishing your bathtub with Miraculous Makeovers. An easy way to update your bathtub without demolition or removal. Standard size bathtub refinishing includes removal of the old coating if the bathtub has previously been refinished, caulk removal, deep cleaning, etching/abrading, damage repairs, adhesion promoter, polyester primer, fully masked worksite, and our hydrophobic polyester topcoat featuring a 2-10 year warranty. Complete this ultimate package with our Miraculous Cleaner which is specifically developed to maintain newly refinished surfaces. 


Remodel in Less Than 2 Days Without Changes to Drywall, and Plumbing

Our stone finishes allow you to easily turn your ugly ceramic tile shower into like-new condition. it is applied to a wide array of kitchen and bath surfaces without altering the existing drywall, flooring, and plumbing. Our stone finishes transform your shower in place without demolition or removal to give you a custom showering experience. The finish is artfully applied followed by our hydrophobic polyester top coat to completely seal the grout lines.


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