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Turn Old Tubs New, Bathtub Refinishing Remodel in Less Than Two Days!™


Expert Tri-Cities, TN Acrylic Fiberglass Surround Refinishing & Shower Refinishing

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When you need acrylic fiberglass surround refinishing in Tri-Cities, TN think of Miraculous Makeovers. If your walk in shower surrounds are outdated or damaged in your home or business, you can count on the skill and expertise, of Miraculous Makeovers to help in every fiberglass shower stall refinishing situation you may have. From outdated colors to cracks, holes to scratches, we can be there quick with a level of acrylic fiberglass surround refinishing services that are second-to-none.

Find out why we are your go-to bathtub refinishing company in Tri-Cities, TN and the surrounding areas by reading our latest fiberglass tub refinishing reviews.

Is Shower Refinishing Worth It?

Just like every other surface in your home, your one piece shower stall and acrylic surround will eventually become dull, worn, scratched, and discolored. If you’re worried that you will need to install a new shower, there are a couple of things to watch out for when replacing. Many times replacement requires demolition. This means once the shower is being removed it can pull out drywall, damage the flooring and subfloor, break plumbing pipes especially if they are rusty and on their last leg. If your shower is 20 years old, it may be time for shower refinishing which will turn your existing acrylic fiberglass surround new in place without demolition or removal.

Although you can buy a new shower for as low as $300 the installation will come with high unexpected fees, the fiberglass shower refinishing cost will save you money down the road in terms of not having to replace the surrounding areas that can be damaged during removal. Fiberglass shower refinishing will make a small surround crack thats unnoticeable to the naked eye disappear, adhesion promoters and bonding primers bond the new surface over the top of your worn-out existing surface.

Miraculous Makeovers polyester fiberglass shower restoration products make more sense than replacing your existing shower. Our proprietary triple adhesion process includes abrading, German aerospace adhesion promoter, and polyester bonding primer which gives you long-lasting performance

Leave Acrylic Fiberglass Surround Refinishing to the Professionals

Think twice before attempting to refinish shower stall by yourself. DIY products are valueless and complicated. Acrylic fiberglass surround refinishing requires experience, professional equipment, and high-quality products only an expert can provide. Without the right tools and training, many things can go wrong. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that the job gets done right the first time, and you get to enjoy the look and feel of a new shower.

Finding the right fiberglass shower refinishing companies that knows how to restore shine to fiberglass shower in Tri-Cities, TN should not have to be complicated. The experts at Miraculous Makeovers is ready to go above and beyond to update your shower or your bathtub surround panels.

before-fiberglass- shower-refinishing-tricities-tn
after-fiberglass- shower-refinishing-tricities-tn

Are Bathtub Refinishing Fumes Dangerous?

Bathtub refinishing fumes can become very dangerous when not contained by professional bathtub refinishers and professional bathtub refinishing equipment. There have been 13 or more deaths of refinishers using methylene chloride to strip pre-existing coatings from bathtubs. At Miraculous Makeovers, we take bathtub refinishing seriously by using all of the right equipment while we refinish bathtubs, so you never will be at risk. We make it our number 1 priority to stay on top of key health and safety issues.

Shower Refinishing Price

Make Your Existing Fiberglass Shower New Again By Transforming It In Place Without Demolition or Removal

We'll refinish your existing alcove shower in porcelain white or porcelain bone color.
$ 795 - 850 includes
  • Full Project Assessment - We thoroughly assess the problems you need to be solved.
  • Caulk Removal - We will remove all traces of silicone to create exceptional bonding for the coatings.
  • Clean - We will use a super concentrated, Heavy Duty hard surface cleaner to clean away all grease, oil, rust stains, and soap scum.
  • Level 1 Mechanical Adhesion - We create an abraded surface by sanding to give the coatings a place to grab onto.
  • Damage Repair - We will repair chips, scratches, and imperfections using marine-grade fillers which dont absorb water like cheap bondo putties.
  • Masking - We will mask off your entire bathroom to protect it.
  • Ventilation - We use a powerful exhauster that is highly effective and will remove the majority of bathtub refinishing odor.
  • Level 2 Chemical Adhesion - Our German Aerospace Adhesion Promoter™ is like super glue for coatings. it penetrates deeper into the surface than any other saline on the market to create a water-resistant molecular bond.
  • Level 3 Surface Adhesion - Our polyester bonding primer creates a foundation that seals your shower and gives a uniform color and surface adhesion for the Miracuthane™ topcoat.
  • Miracuthane™ Coating - We will apply our catalyzed polyester-based coating that is immersion grade, far superior to epoxy/acrylic polyurethane coatings. It contains a water-repelling additive that makes water bead up on contact and makes the shower easy to clean.
  • Completion - We will complete your shower refinishing project in 1-2 days.
  • Warranty - 2 to 10 year transferable warranty.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size, condition, and choice of materials and accents. You’ll receive an accurate estimate for your project by sending photos through email, SMS, or in-home estimate.

Why Choose Us Over The Competition?

– Highly qualified and trustworthy refinishers who are all factory trained, certified, drug tested and background checked.

– On-time appointments from friendly professionals who value your time and perform every job as efficiently as possible.

– A fully masked worksite that leaves no mess or trace. We respect your property as if it were our own.

– UPFRONT, affordable pricing so you get the quality service you need without getting blind-sided by unexpected fees.

– 100% GUARANTEED satisfaction! We stand 100% behind all our work.

Having acrylic fiberglass surround issues that needs to be seen immediately or need the services of a expert Tri-Cities, TN acylic fiberglass surround refinishing contractor you can count on? Call Miraculous Makeovers today at (423) 612-4174!

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