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Turn Old Tubs New, Bathtub Refinishing Remodel in Less Than Two Days!™


Jacuzzi Bathtub Refinishing & Whirlpool Bathtub Refinishing Solutions In Tri-Cities,TN

Looking for someone who does bathtub refinishing? Our Tri-Cities, TN jacuzzi bathtub refinishing experts will transform your existing jetted tub in place without demolition or removal when you call us at (423) 612-4174 today. Learn why Miraculous Makeovers is your go-to for all your whirlpool bathtub refinishing needs. Check out our online specials page to save instantly on your next service. 


For Jacuzzi bathtub refinishing in the Tri-Cities, TN area, you will be glad you found the experts at Miraculous Makeovers.


Jacuzzi tub refinishing involves more skill than standard bathtub refinishing, specifically the blower jets, and can cause many problems for your jacuzzi bathtubs, ranging from clogged jets, to damage of the flooring underneath your jacuzzi tub.


Our team can do jacuzzi bathtub refinishing in your home or business in Tri-Cities, TN, which we will mask off the blower jets and prevent the associated negative consequences.

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How To Pick The Best Reglazing Companies For Bathtubs in Tri-Cities, TN - Jacuzzi's & Whirlpools?

Jacuzzi bathtub refinishing companies come in many different shapes and sizes. With all of those jacuzzi bathtub styles and sizes, there are just as many jacuzzi tub manufacturing companies out there as their is companies to refinish them. Remember, not all jacuzzi bathtub refinishing companies are created equal, but there are a few things you can do to know if you are getting top-quality hot tub restoration service.

When you are shopping for new whirlpool bathtubs, or you are given the option between a few jacuzzi bathtub refinishing companies, make sure you try asking these two questions.

Do you have jacuzzi bathtub refinishing experience? The first question to ask is if they have any Jacuzzi tub refinishing experience. Make sure that the one you choose has been in business longer than their warranty states.

Is there different colors and do you do roll on or spray on refinishing? The second question is to make sure your working with an established and reputable fiberglass spa refinishing company, ask if other colors are available to see if your getting top-quality refinishing products. Make sure that you ask about the jacuzzi bathtub refinishing process (some companies may cause more harm then good to your fiberglass hot tub gelcoat) This will let you know the quality of the coatings you will receive. roll-on finishes will last possibly a year, while a spray-on finish will last 10-15 years.

Miraculous Makeovers has been refinishing Jacuzzi bathtubs for over 10 years and uses a triple adhesion process that has a proven track record.

How Much Does Jacuzzi Bathtub Refinishing Cost?

This is a great question. Many traditional remodeling contractors will charge you up to $8,897.19 to replace your jacuzzi tub. But what if you could save 80% of replacement cost by refinishing your existing jacuzzi? Can you imagine what that would do for your bank account.

Can a Jetted Tub Be Resurfaced?

Resurfacing your Jetted tub is currently the only method used for outdated or damaged jacuzzi tub surfaces. There are various occasions when poor resurfacing products can’t withstand temperatures that arise inside of the jetted tub, which in most cases, it results into product failure of the fiberglass hot tub paint. Our Certified professionals can refinish hot tub shell and various types of jaccuzi tubs without you having to worry of product failure.

My Jacuzzi Jets Turned Yellow What To Do?

Normally your jet covers are made with bromine within the ABS plastic, when constantly introduced to direct sunlight the heat creates a chemical reaction which causes your jet covers to yellow. At Miraculous Makeovers we have two methods of treatment which can bring your jacuzzi jet covers back to life. The first method is by soaking them in our high quality treatment for 24 hours which is Normally our first option. The second method is to refinish them the same way we refinish your jacuzzi tub.

Can I Change My Existing Jacuzzi Color to Basic White?

Jetted tub replacement can be very expensive why replace it just because of the color? The certified refinishers at Miraculous Makeovers can refinish your acrylic or fiberglass jacuzzi giving you a complete color change in any color.

Our spray on finish is very durable and can withstand high temperatures that arise within your whirlpool bathtub. Our main goal is to help you save the most on your bathroom remodel.

How Long Does a Bathtub Refinishing Last?

Jacuzzi refinishing when done by Miraculous Makeovers will last 10 years or longer if you maintain your finish with the appropriate care. Call us today to breath new life into your worn out, outdated Jacuzzi tub.

Jacuzzi Bathtub Refinishing Price

Make Your Existing Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtub New Again By Transforming It In Place Without Demolition or Removal

We'll refinish your existing 48x48, 54x54, or 60x36 jetted tub.
$ 750 - 1600 includes
  • Full Project Assessment - We thoroughly assess the problems you need to be solved.
  • Caulk Removal - We will remove all traces of silicone to create exceptional bonding for the coatings.
  • Clean - We will use a super concentrated, Heavy Duty hard surface cleaner to clean away all grease, oil, rust stains, and soap scum.
  • Level 1 Mechanical Adhesion - We create an abraded surface by sanding to give the coatings a place to grab onto.
  • Damage Repair - We will repair chips, scratches, and imperfections using marine-grade fillers which dont absorb water like cheap bondo putties.
  • Masking - We will mask off your jacuzzi whirlpool jets and your entire bathroom to protect it.
  • Ventilation - We use a powerful exhauster that is highly effective and will remove the majority of bathtub refinishing odor.
  • Level 2 Chemical Adhesion - Our German Aerospace Adhesion Promoter™ is like super glue for coatings. it penetrates deeper into the surface than any other saline on the market to create a water-resistant molecular bond.
  • Level 3 Surface Adhesion - Our polyester bonding primer creates a foundation that seals your tub and gives a uniform color and surface adhesion for the Miracuthane™ topcoat.
  • Miracuthane™ Coating - We will apply our catalyzed polyester-based coating that is immersion grade, far superior to epoxy/acrylic polyurethane coatings. It contains a water-repelling additive that makes water bead up on contact and makes the tub easy to clean.
  • Completion - We will complete your jacuzzi bathtub refinishing project in 1-2 days.
  • Warranty - 2 to 10 year transferable warranty.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size, condition, and choice of materials and accents. You’ll receive an accurate estimate for your project by sending photos through email, SMS, or in-home estimate.

Benefits Of Our Service

– Highly qualified and trustworthy refinishers

– On-time appointments from friendly professionals

– A fully masked worksite that leaves no mess or trace.

– UPFRONT, affordable pricing 

– 100% GUARANTEED satisfaction!

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