How Do You Get Brown Stains Out Of Enamel Bath?


Brown stains on an enamel bath can be caused by a variety of factors, including hard water, rust, or soap scum. Here are some ways to remove brown stains from an enamel bath: 1. Baking soda and vinegar: Mix baking soda and vinegar to form a paste, then apply the paste to the stained areas […]

The Fascinating History of Bathtubs: From Ancient Civilizations to Modern Luxury


The history of bathtubs is a fascinating one that dates back thousands of years. From ancient civilizations to modern times, the bathtub has evolved into a fixture that is both functional and luxurious. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the history of bathtubs and how they have changed over time. Ancient Bathtubs […]

Enhance Your Bathtub Refinishing with a Hydrophobic Additive


Hydrophobic Additive in Coatings Coatings are used to protect surfaces from environmental factors such as water, UV radiation, and chemicals. Hydrophobic additives are used in coatings to make them water-resistant. Hydrophobic additives are substances that repel water and prevent it from penetrating the surface. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using hydrophobic additives […]

Polyester Coatings: The Top Choice for Bathtub Refinishing Projects


Why Miraculous Makeovers Polyester Coatings Are Commonly Used For Bathtub Refinishing Projects: 1. Durability: Polyester coatings are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They can withstand heavy use and are less likely to chip or peel over time. Since polyester coatings are highly resistant to scratches, chips, and other types of […]

The Process Of Mixing Bathtub Refinishing Coatings


The process of mixing bathtub refinishing coatings can vary depending on the type of coating you are using. Here are some general steps to follow: 1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully: Before mixing any coatings, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This will ensure that you mix the coatings correctly and achieve the […]

Does Reglazing on Tiles Last?


Does Reglazing On Tiles Last? Reglazing on tiles can last several years if done correctly and maintained well. However, the durability of the reglazing depends on factors such as the quality of the installer, and the level of wear and tear the tiles are subjected to. It is essential to follow the tile refinishing company’s […]

When it’s Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

A newly remodeled bathroom is very nice to use and can add a lot of value to your home. However, bathroom remodeling typically costs at least $5,500 and can be much more expensive, depending on what you need or want to renovate. Thus, you should plan out your bathroom remodelings strategically so that you don’t lose too […]

What a Bathroom Needs to Feel Comfortable

When it comes to designing a bathroom, comfort and style are both important. Creating a bathroom that is inviting and comfortable requires careful consideration of the available space, as well as the elements that will make it feel pleasant. There are several key components that can help transform an ordinary room into a tranquil oasis. […]

How to Adequately Prepare for Renovating Your Bathroom

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? If so, it is important to adequately prepare for the project. Many people make the mistake of starting a renovation without thinking things through, and as a result, they end up with a finished product that they are not happy with. Here are three things you should do to […]