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Turn Old Tubs New, Bathtub Refinishing Remodel in Less Than Two Days!™


Baptismal Pool Tub Refinishing Repair Solutions In Tri-Cities,TN

Experiencing baptismal pool problems? Call (423) 612-4174 to get reliable, expert baptismal pool tub refinishing repair in Tri-Cities, TN. Discover why area churches choose Miraculous Makeovers for their Tri-Cities, TN baptismal pool tub refinishing repair needs. Save money on your next service with our online specials page!


Issues with your baptismal pool tub can turn into a major problem for your business. This baptismal pool tub is responsible for helping others start a new life. Over time, just like any tub your baptismal pool tub can begin to crack or show signs of wear and tear. To make sure your baptismal pool tub problems are properly resolved, look to the baptismal pool tub refinishing repair experts at Miraculous Makeovers. We proudly serve churches throughout Tri-Cities, TN and the surrounding areas.

Are You Maintaining Your Baptismal Pool tub?

Make sure to have your baptismal pool liners checked on a regular basis. There are several problems that could be developing within your baptismal pool that are tough to spot. Many of these problems occur with old or poorly maintained surfaces. Get baptismal pool tub refinishing repair so you don’t risk the expense of replacement.

Poorly maintained baptismal pool tubs are more likely to have the finish chip away, which can lead to water contamination as well as baptismal drain issues in your church building. Let us help you remove paint chips and other malfunctions with professional baptismal tub reglazing services.

Do you frequently Dream About Baptism pool ideas?

Do you frequently dream about bringing your baptism pool ideas to life? Then ask our baptismal tub reglazing experts about how can we help your existing baptismal pool tub become as beautiful as it once was.

Your Trusted Baptismal Pool Tub Refinishing Repair Experts

Let us help you solve all of your baptismal pool tub refinishing and church baptistry repair needs! Here are a few of the solutions we provide:

  • Stained baptismal pool cleaning services
  • Baptismal pool hole repair
  • Cracked baptismal pool repair
  • Chipped baptismal pool repair
  • Slick step baptismal pool non-slip bottom
Resurfacing Baptism Pool Prices

5 square feet 


10-15 square feet 


90 square feet


100 square feet


110 square feet


NOTE: If your measurements are not listed please contact Miraculous Makeovers at (423) 612-4174 or [email protected] with the exact width, length and depth of the unit that needs resurfacing.

Enjoy These Great Benefits

Trust in the experts at Miraculous Makeovers to provide you with outstanding baptistry resurfacing services, as well as these added benefits:


We’re a local owned business: as a local company we understand the value of keeping your church comfortable and making budget friendly decisions.

We are able to customize our services for you : do you have any baptism pool ideas in your mind or restricted based on your budget? Just let us know and we will customize the job to fit your needs.

There are several different methods fixing a baptismal pool tub problem. Our highly qualified, baptismal pool tub refinishing repair experts in Tri-Cities, TN know the ins and outs of each method and can recommend the best for you and your church. Call us today at (423) 612-4174 and let the experts help you and your unique problem.

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