Hotels with a Slick Bathtub is Dangerous… Why Not Consider a Bathtub Slip Resistant Surface For Your Own Safety?

A Slick Bathtub is Like Slipping On Bananas


bathtub slip resistant surface is very helpful for the person who has had injuries, the elderly and for homes and businesses that want to prevent slip and fall accidents at all cost.

Many times a slick bathtub is the cause of lawsuits that resort to word of mouth and social media, which harms businesses in the aftermath. A bathtub slip resistant surface can become a hotel owners most desired dream to overcome negative reviews and to reinstate greater relationships with past clients. 

The one thing your loyal clients want is to be safe and cared about. However, you love your customers but just don’t have the funds to keep them happy by replacing every bathtub in your hotel building. 

Well There are Bathtub Slip Resistant Surface Solutions for Your Slippery Tub…

There are slippery bathtub solutions available that can give you peace of mind plus keep your guest happy and comfortable. 

Most local bathtub refinishers know how to fix a slippery tub and can install a bathtub non slip coating in your hotel bathtubs allowing you to make your hotel safe plus update your worn old surfaces. 

The majority of hotel owners don’t know there is a solution for slippery surfaces, so they avoid the conditions and continue on with life until something serious really happens. 

Many bathtub refinishing contractors do not offer bathtub anti slip products consolidated within their coatings some just use bathtub anti slip stickers or a bathtub non slip mat laid over the tub after completing the bathtub refinishing process. This particular process can give your bathtub slip resistant surface a short lifespan.


If You are thinking about upgrading your slick bathtub for the safety of your customers, 
ask the installer of your bathtub slip resistant surface about their process and the benefits of having them installed, I’m sure they can come up with millions of reasons why you should have them installed. It’s always best to learn their procedures so that you can guarantee your receiving the best non slip bathtub treatment on the market. 

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