When you’re about to take on that extreme makeover for your home, it’s essential that you prepare for it properly. This will help you protect your valuables and eliminate the risk of anything getting damaged during the renovation. After all, you want this to be a moment where enhancements are delivered instead of moments that you regret.

Move the Furniture

Renovation Roadmap recommends to, “consider the scope of the upcoming project so that you can take the safest approach possible when it comes to protecting your furniture. If the project covers a large area of your home, you’ll want to safely store it away by putting the furniture in storage or moving it to the garage if you have one.” This will ensure that it doesn’t get dirty or damaged when the demolition process begins.

If it’s a small area that’s being worked on, you might be able to get away with covering it up or wrapping it in plastic. The main thing to keep in mind is whether there’s even the slightest risk of your furniture getting in the way or getting damaged by the contractors working on your home. If there is, don’t chance it and move it somewhere completely away from the work area.

Wrap the Breakables

All Storage Online encourages, “be sure to wrap your breakables in bubble wrap or packing paper so they don’t break when taking them out of the home.” The reason that it wasn’t considered leaving them inside the home while it gets an extreme makeover is because anything can happen, especially with fragile items. You want to store them in the garage or another place separate from the home to ensure there’s absolutely no chance of breaking. You also want to ensure they don’t pose a safety hazard for the workers.

The most common breakables that you want to store elsewhere includes, but isn’t limited to dishes, fine china, flower pots, mirrors, and tables made of glass. If it can break easily you need to take the extra time to safely store it away from the construction area.

Clear the Area

For contractors or subcontractors to begin the remodel of your home, they need a clear work area that’s free of any hazards. Sweeten explains, “you need to make sure you you (and the renovation area) are prepared for the contractor. Have all the paperwork ready, clear out the area that they’ll be working in completely, and ensure that there is a clear path from the outside to the area before they show up to begin the first day of the makeover. This will eliminate any delays prior to starting and ensure that you aren’t having to pay them to move your belongings themselves.”

There you have everything you need to be fully prepared when the day arrives to enhance your home and turn it into what you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll eliminate the potential for extra charges, ensure the safety of the construction team is upheld, and be ready to see your ideas come to life.