Redoing your bathroom can be one of the most satisfying home projects ever. When well done, a clean new bathroom can help you feel like you are at a relaxing spa. As you figure out how to go forward with your bathroom design scheme, considering these different factors will help you make sure you cover all your bases.

One Color Scheme

According to the School of Decorating, picking one cohesive color scheme for your bathroom décor will go a long way in helping your bathroom feel well done. Because bathrooms are small spaces, all the surface area counts. Using muted tones or light blues and beiges can be refreshing in bathrooms, giving them a spa-like feel.

Matching Hardware

Having matching hardware throughout the bathroom gives the bathroom a more cohesive look. Usually, the already existing fixtures tend to have relatively similar hardware to each other. But if you plan to install cabinets above the toilet or if you want to hang more shelving for example, try to match their hardware to the existing hardware. Doing this will help your bathroom feel more custom.

According to Pierce Design + Build, there are different kinds of finishes for hardware and they each bring a unique feel to the bathroom. If you are hoping to replace outdated hardware, think carefully about the type of look you are now going for. Adding copper or gold-brushed nickel hardware can give the space a more mid-century modern or contemporary vibe for example.

Removable Wallpaper

According to ISpyDIY, another fun way to add character and class to your bathroom is to add removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper comes in so many fun patterns and colors that it should be easy for you to find something you’ll really love.

As you figure out what kind of wallpaper to use, remember that installation can sometimes be tricky. If you’re new to the process, removable wallpaper will be easier to install because it already has adhesive built into the paper.

You might also consider getting wallpaper that has a simpler pattern to it so that it is not as difficult to match each strip to the previous one.

Figuring out the perfect bathroom design takes some time and effort. This is especially true if your bathroom requires more than a quick spruce-up and will need some more substantial renovation. Make sure that you take the necessary time to think about your existing space, how you really want your bathroom to feel when done, and what changes will ultimately accomplish those goals.

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