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Refinished Bathtub Maintenance - How to Clean a Tub that has Been Resurfaced?


Refinished bathtub maintenance is a very easy task.

many times a freshly refinished tub is anything but difficult to clean and takes less arm energy to lift stains and soap scum from the surface.

The types of cleaning agents we use every day hugely affects the life of our bath, regardless of whether it’s a pristine shower or a recently refinished tub.

Your household cleaning products list may need to change to keep you upbeat for a long time to come.

To be straightforward it is very easy to figure out how to clean a reglazed bathtub.

Numerous buyers are new and turned out to be frightened after a couple of cleaning product uses on the grounds that they don’t know if it was listed on their refinished bathtub maintenance sheet giving toward the finishing of their project.


Examples of Cleaning Agents That Shouldn't be Used on Your Refinished Surface

I have listed the cleaning products names with the goal that you know precisely which ones to maintain a strategic distance from.


  • Ajax or Bar keepers friend cleanser & polish
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub
  • Noble Chemical Brio Abrasive Cream Cleanser
  • Fantastic
  • Top Job Ammonia
  • Clorox bleach or any other bleach

Warning – these unforgiving chemicals will decrease the shine of your resurfaced tub or may cause substance breaks.

Regularly the use of incorrect cleaners will void your warranty.

Ask your refinishing company for some advice if you intend to use a new product.


Refinished Bathtub Maintenance

Don’t use the refinished surface for 24 hours or for the said time giving by the professional toward the completion of your project.


Never use abrasive cleaners.


Don’t use bath mats or stick-on appliqués unless the technician has told you otherwise.


Fix dripping faucets.


Don’t leave bottles or soap standing on the surface for long periods of time.


Never allow chemicals like dyes, drain openers or bleach sit on your refinished surface.


Cleaners Safe for Refinished Tubs



Using vinegar on refinished tub diluted with water is an awesome approach to clean your refinished tub.

Lysol Tub and Tile


lysol tub and tile cleaner is ok for your refinished surface.

in addition, it gives your bathroom a fresh fragrance.

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid


Dishwashing liquid is a safe cleaner just make sure you purchase it without bleach (joy, dawn, ivory etc)


Mr. Clean


During your refinished bathtub maintenance you can still use Mr. Clean you can even purchase it already mixed with dawn dishwashing liquid.

Miraculous Cleaner


Miraculous Cleaner is the only cleaner recommended and made specifically for refinished tub and tile surfaces. It will keep your refinished makeover shining longer than your average cleaner.

What do you use to clean a refinished tub? Write it in the comments below also I hope that this blog post will help keep your refinished bathtub clean and up to date for many years to come.