Putting together a practical kitchen means keeping things off the counter so you have a workspace. In addition, it’s a good idea to make excellent use of all cabinet space, including corners. And as many kitchens are open to the living area, you will want to build a kitchen that flows well into the next space.

Keep It Practical

Even if it’s all spotlessly clean, too much stuff on the countertop makes kitchens look cluttered. If possible, only leave out items that are used daily. Make space for the coffee pot and toaster, but install a heavy-duty pull-out to a bottom cabinet for the mixer. Shelterness suggests adding diagonal drawer inserts for long tools so users don’t have to have a crock on the kitchen counter for mixing spoons. The room has to function, but it doesn’t have to be a display for every tool.

Mind the Corners

The dreaded corner black hole is a problem in many kitchens. It’s hard to get to, difficult to organize and often winds up full of stuff that never gets used. A simple way to beat the dead space challenge in corners is to put the sink there when you’re starting fresh. If the cabinetry is already in place, add a pull-out or turning cabinet tool to make it easier to use the cubic inches lost to dead corners. According to Knotty Alder Cabinets, lazy Susan, blind base, and corner sink face cabinet styles are popular choices to fill corner cabinet space. When installing any of these cabinet additions, make sure to invest in something with an edge to the moving tray so items don’t fall off inside the cabinet and jam up the works.

Small Kitchen Challenges

According to Impressive Interior Design, if you’re working in a small kitchen or designing spaces for single people, a corner kitchen sink design is an excellent option. While sinks designed to fit in corners used to be pricey, with modern countertop options you can now put a single bowl square sink into nearly any corner and offer storage and countertop space behind the back of the sink for soaps and cleanup tools. You can run water and drain lines back in the corner where they will be out of the way of people cooking in the kitchen.

Minimalism is a growing trend among young homeowners and apartment seekers. By putting together practically designed kitchens with a simple, clean look, you can appeal to today’s homeowner and increase your marketing options. If you’re looking for ideas to rehab your own home, these efficiencies can make every aspect of cooking and cleaning up much simpler.

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